Monday, August 8, 2011


Hi guys!

As I said in the previous post, I spent my saturday night clubbing with my best friends at Tenjune! 
It was my first time at this club and I really like it there! 
The location is pretty cool, even though it's a little small, but that's what we know from NYC nightlife ;)
I like the Meatpacking district!
The DJ at Tenjune was pretty good too! mmmmh and I don't know the name of the parfume ( I should better ask next time!), the whole club smells sooo gooood! It reminds me a little at the A&F stores! ;D

My lovely reader asked my if I could post my outfit from that night, sure I could!
 It was nothing fancy, and I do not have a picture where you can see my outfit in details..
Soon I will get a new camera and I will keep you update with my outfits, promise! :)
to the left my friend L. and to the right you can see me:)

I was wearing: 
beige shorts (h&m)
black tube top (h&m)
black silk bolero (h&m)
high heels ( DvF (my favorite shoes, I will make a post about them later!:) )

Have great night everyone!

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