Friday, January 6, 2012


2012 :)

HAPPY NEW YEAR my lovely readers!!
I hope 2012 will be way better than you can imagine! :)

My first post this year... I was writing a very long post about the live, dreams, hopes, love, oppurtunities etc... 
.. than I found this inspiring post on my dear friend Chrissy's blog Emerald Turquoise. 
I couldn't describe it any better than her, so please enjoy it and take it to heart!

View from my friends apartment 

Hey everyone,

I'm sorry for being gone for so long, but I'm back again and motivated to do more blog posts! :)

I wish every single one of you a happy new year :)

I personally believe that 2012 will be my best year yet =) Nevertheless there are people who believe that this will be our last year on earth; that december 21st will be the end of the world.

And as I've been thinking about that, I've come to following conclusion:
I don't believe that the world will end in 2012, but what if we took the oppurtunity and just lived like it would?

If you pretend that 2012 was your last year on earth, how would you like to live it? This year is our chance to take risks and fulfill our biggest dreams! Whatever it is that brings you the most joy, go for it!

I personally believe that the Universe rewards people who don't take the safe road and risk everything for their dreams.

And as we're pretending that 2012 is our last year, let's not waste a day. Let's try to be happy every single moment, creating the best with what is in front of us.

Because today I put 2012 under a big motto:

You only regret the things you didn't do.

Much love,
Emerald Turquoise


Saturday, December 24, 2011

IV Xmas at Bergdorf Goodman

Wow isn't that amazing?!
When I've seen it for the first time, I couldn't believe it...
The windows from Bergdorf Goodman are beyond description, 
it is far more magical than I could imagine.
More marvelous than a dream.

The windows, entitled "Carnival of the Animals".
Look at all those details
I could have made an own post for each window, the details made me speechless!
One thing is clear: the window dresser from Bergdorf Goodman deserve an award for the best job! :)

"Testing the water" 

"Teacher's Pets"

"Breaking the Ice"

“The Brass Menagerie” window


Friday, December 23, 2011

III Xmas at Tiffany& Co II

Tiffany and Company 
on Fifth Avenue

" I don't want 
to own anything

until I find a place where
me and things go together.

I'm not sure
where that is,

but I know
what it's like. 

It's like Tiffany's. "


"Tiffany's? You mean the Jewelry Store?"


"That's right.

I'am crazy
about Tiffany's"


[when I am afraid..]


"And you don't know what
you're afraid of.
Don't you ever get that feeling?"




"When I get it, 
what does any good

is to jump into a cab
and go to Tiffany's

calms me down
right away.

The Quietness,
the proud look.

Nothing very bad could
happen to you there. "

a conversation between holly and paul at "Breakfast at Tiffany's " 

a sleigh full of Tiffany boxes over Manhattan <3 


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

II Xmas at Tiffany& Co

Christmas 2010 at Tiffany& Co on Fifth Avenue
I always said to myself: The first thing that you'll do when you go the first time to New York City is to go to Tiffany on 5th Av and come out with a beautiful tiffany blue bag.
I feel so blessed that I've realized my dream :D

But I think the christmas window decoration is much more beautiful this year...
Soon I will show you this years decoration too :)