Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ready for a Breakfast ... ?!

WOW I am still impressed from the movies with a view, where I went last week with my friends!
Everything, yes literally EVERYTHING was amazing!
The movie, my favorite one, Breakfast At Tiffany's!
The incredible view, that you can't have anywhere else!
The perfect weather.... 
I almost started to cry, 'cause the night was so perfect and of course unforgettable!

 Since Breakfast At Tiffany's is the birth of the LBD I wore my "Audrey" LBD, tied my hair up in a bun,  wore my pearl necklace and Tiffany& Co juwels, big sunglasses and applied my Tiffany- Blue nailpolish! :)
Et voilà


 look at the sky! <3

 And what do you thing? :)

P.S. : enlarge the pic's!


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  1. oh my gosh! that´s so cool. I can only dream of it :)