Sunday, September 4, 2011

Rooftop& Sushi

Tonight, tonight there' s a party on the rooftop top of the world!

Friday night my friends and I went to a friends apartment, and OMG his view in his apartment is just breathtaking! But even more breathtaking is the view from his rooftop!

Have a look guys!

L. <3

At the same night, we all went out for dinner at a sushibar called Akane!
It was soooo funny!:D 
Did you ever played the drinking-game called "Sake Bomb"?! 
I never did before... haha actually I don't really like beer, but the mixture with saki was ok :D
I have a video from that night, maybe I will upload it later ;)

216 E, 39th St

 my plate

we found that body on the street, right before the apartment. 
Does anyone know whose that is?!

hahaha C. is trying to open the door!


PS: I shoot some outfit pictures, too. Soon I'll get the pictures from my friend and then  I"ll will upload it! :)

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