Saturday, September 24, 2011


Since we left the summer behind us, and welcome the fall (which I don't like, not because of the colder weather, but because it reminds me that winter is coming soon... and I AM A SUMMER GIRL! ) I need to buy stylish rainboots! :)

So I have some on my list, but not sure which one I should buy... what do you think?

I really like the burberry check model, but I think it is hard to combine...
what's about the lace up (burberry) one? :)

this one (burberry) doesn't really look like a rainboot! :)

 I love this one!! (burberry as well)

This one (also burberry) looks really cool! But I think I need higher ones..

michael kors 

and black, glossy hunter boots

I think I will get those! :)

which one do you prefer?



  1. the hunters :) aber ein anderes modell es gibt davon so richtig schöne die sehen aus wie der 3te burberry gummistiefel ( 2 bild von oben)

  2. Hunter boots are definitely a music festival must! What other shoes look so cool with mud all over them?? :)

    Please check out my blog x

  3. @anonym: meinst du diese hier oder diese ? :)
    die finde ich auch beide schoen, nur bei dem ersten wird es mit den socken problematisch, da der schaft ja nicht gerade geschnitten ist...

    @Lucinda: yeah you're right! :)

  4. I love the plain black ones, they'll always be my go to. The lace up ones are really lovely too.


  5. genau die ersten meine ich :). probier sie vllt mal im geschäft an, dann kannste gucken wie das mit socken ausfällt. teil uns dann deine entscheidung mit :)! Liebe Grüße

  6. The 3rd one.. from burberry are my favorite, but Hunter are such a cool choice too :)

    Kiss from Portugal.
    Loved your blog :)


  7. I like the lace up ones :)