Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2011

Before it's on TV, it's on Y and the CITY!

There is nothing like the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show! 
Nothing bigger, nothing better, nothing more spectacular! This big event tops all the shows...

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2011 will be airing November 29 on CBS, but before you can see some parts of the world best fashion show on my blog!

It was an unbelievable night, November 8th, I was waiting for my lucky friend Laura outside the Lexington Armory. And suddenly we were standing in the middle of the celebrities...

First a marvel of beauty came out, Doutzen Kroes <3 She is truly one of the most beautiful angels!

After the first stir in the blood, the sexy twosome Anne and Adam (from Maroon5) passed by us, the couple is so perfect together! Please watch the second video and you'll know what I mean!  :)

But one of the "Highlights" was, when beautiful Miranda Kerr (who wore the 2,5 Mil Fantasy Treasure Bra that day) came down the stairs... Before I wasn't a big fan of her, but that day she enchanted me with her magical aura... I was trying to take pictures from her, but right in front of me was an annoying guy, who blocked my view inadvertently... I almost pushed him away but at the same moment I realized it was her husband, Orlando Bloom... 

What a life.... everything feels so unreal...

While a couple of Models came out, Laura and I just realized that Kanye West was sitting in the trailer, on which we where leaning against all the time... ;D
After Kanye left, one of the guys from the trailer came out and passed me a black T-Shirt.. I didn't asked for anything, he just passed me the shirt and said: "That's Kanye's shirt, he changed and forgot to take it.." Yes he was wearing a black T-Shirt under his Versace for H&M jacket, anyhow I thought the guy was kidding, but anyway I took the shirt. The brand is "5th Avenue Shoe Repair", never heard from that brand before, but hey now I have a black plain shirt and it's worth $225, and well it was Kanye West's and now it's mine!!!

Adam& Anne are awesome!

Beautiful Doutzen Kroes, Laura& Me after the VS Fashion Show

Marvelous Miranda Kerr, YES despite Orlando Bloom, I took a picture :) 

Can you find out where Kanye West is hiding?

Okay I help you :) 

Laura & Me
(I still have the balloons, from the show, in my room:) )

All of the videos from this post are taken by Laura and all of the pictures are taken by me!



  1. amazing post.


  2. Thanks for sharing! seems like you had an amazing time :)


  3. Oh my goodness I am so so jealous! I hope that you come and follow my brand new blog :)


  4. wie cool!! :) aber oha, wenn man Models auf so "normalen" Fotos sieht, ist es schon echt krass wie dünn die sind :-O

  5. I'm not really crazy about Victoria's Secret shows, but I have to say some of the models are pretty much perfect, and Doutzen is right up there.

    lovely blog, following!

    jo from slowcatharsis.blogspot.com

  6. toller blog :))


  7. they are sooo beautiful!!!!


  8. Thank you for the lovely comments girls! :)

    oh ja! und wie!

    The VS Fashion Show is really the best fashion show, it is really entertaining and beautiful! :) And Doutzen she is not only beautiful but so nice and lovely, above all she is down to earth :)


  9. echt zu beneiiiiiiiiiiiiden!!du glückspilz! LG aus Sydney nach NYC

  10. THAIN! :))
    Was machst du denn in Sydney? Work& Travel? :)
    Ganz, ganz liebe gruesse zurueck!