Wednesday, November 9, 2011

PATRICIA FIELD : How To Succeed In The Fashion Industry

"To me, life is a game. As long as you keep it a game, it's fun! "
- Patricia Field -

Sometimes I still cannot believe that I live in New York City... 
It is like an unrealistic dream to me..

... And I am living the life of my dreams...

Few weeks ago I took a Fashion Class, under the title "How to succeed in the Fashion Industry",
and guess who was the speaker;
Patricia Field, the crazy and world famous stylist from Sex and the City, itself!
The class took place at the Hilton Hotel and I was so excited; Nina, Laura, and me had the best place, we were sitting in the front row!
Then she walked in...  Patricia Field, one of the fashion's greatest visionaries!
She was right in front of me, with her blazing red (same color as her bra), fuzzy hair, wine- red lips, oversized olive blazer and cargo pants. As eyecatcher she used cat eyeglasses and jelly shoes, both in the same color - neon green!

I can say, without doubts, that she is literally a true pioneer! 
She has a little bit craziness with a genius in herself,
I admire her attitudes towards life, she truly inspired me!

Here are some of the inspiring quotes from the night:
"I would direct one of the episodes [Sex and the City] and they would look at me like I'm from Mars. "
"If you're in a hole, don't dig it deeper. You have to have a philosophy of how to get out!" 
"It's not about a label, it's about how you arrange the clothes to tell a story" 

Laura's Patricia Field designed T-Shirt




  1. Very cool!! Loving your blog! xo

  2. Wow so cool! :) Would die for NY! <3

  3. sie sieht so verrückt aus, aber ich liebe ihre schuhe!

  4. Wow, was für ein Glück diese tolle Frau zu treffen. Ein wahres Fashion-Talent und so inspirierend :).
    Viel Spaß weiterhin in New York!
    Dein Blog is richtig toll!

  5. Toll was du alles erlebst!!! :) Lebst du in Manhattan? Oder etwas außerhalb? Was machst du dort? Studierst du? Lebst du mit deiner Familie dort? :) LG

  6. *all
    Thank you very much for the lovely comments :)

    Sie sieht nicht nur verrueckt aus, sie ist auch verrueckt, auf einer tollen weise:) und die schuhe sind wirklich ein hingucker! ;D

    Ja auf jeden Fall! Die Frau ist der Wahnsinn!! Ganz, ganz lieben dank! :)

    :) Ich lebe in NYC, aber ein wenig ausserhalb von Manhattan. Jedoch ziehe ich in den naechsten Wochen direkt nach Manhattan um, und studiere dann hoffentlich an der FIT :)


  7. You’re so sos o lucky dear! :)))) I’m so glad your dreams came true, meeting Patricia Field in person must be amazing! :) you look awesome as always ;) kisses a lot! xoxoxo :**

    BeTwin Us

  8. *BeTwin Us:
    aww thank you sweeties! :) yes, I always say: "You cannot extend your life, but you can deepen it! You cannot give your life more years, but you can give the years more live!" so everyone should try to make the best of their own life! :))

    hugs and kisses!