Monday, December 12, 2011

I Xmas at Henri Bendel

Christmas Time in New York...

Christmas time in New York is the best time ever...
The City turns into something magical, into a fairytale, it shows us its most glamorous face...

When I saw first time the enchanting christmas windows, I really started to cry...

Now I wanna show you this magic... it will be a series post with a few stores.. but please keep in mind, that I cannot capture the real magic... you need to come to New York if you want to be enchanted like me...

Let's start with Henri Bendel

This evening bag will be on my christmas wishlist! <3

I am a huge mug fan and this one is the perfect one for me! <3

Miss Liberty dressed in millions of Jelly Belly's!



  1. wow amazing!! I love the last pic

  2. Wow, love the hole bling bling !:)
    great pictures !